Welcome to BadKity.com

I'm Sara Lips, co owner and creator of BK. Some of you may be familiar with my name, as I have been offering BDSM sessions for a number of years, specialising in session wrestling and domination.

This is how the creation of Bad Kity came about, as for many years I have felt there has been a lack of correlation between the two services, session wrestling and domination. I have always felt there should be a better way to merge the two services together.

Based on my own experiences and feedback from clients who book both session wrestlers and dominatrixes. Bad Kity was developed catering for the fetish community. It is my intention to genuinely help the community continue to grow and evolve. The directory is therfore free to all session providers who wish to create a profie or advertise tours on BK. Profiles are packed with features such, unlimted tours, time wasters, venues, promo video, 54 BDSM fetishes and more.

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What is Bad Kity?

Bad Kity is a unique fetish directory featuring profiles of session wrestlers and dominatrix's who are available to book for fetish, BDSM or private wrestling sessions. No need to search multiple directories to find beautiful, strong, dominant women. BK also aims to be a place of inclusivity where session providers regardless of gender can equally advertise. One directory where session providers can offer an extensive list of fetishes and kinks.

Why Bad Kity?

Milo Tabby Cat

As many of you may already know, by my previous twitter posts, I am a huge animal lover and have a female tabby cat named Milo. She is mysterious,resourceful, adorable with psychotic tendencies, piss her off and you lose your hand. 

When I scold her, I shout "Bad Kity", the name stuck, I see similar traits in my own personality, sexy, alluring, Independent, bad ass.

I hope you enjoy the website. Feedback is welcomed and if you notice any problems, feel free to contact me at sara@badkity.com

Sara Lips Bio

Wrestling dominatrix Sara Lips hails from the Emerald Isle, Ireland. She has garnered a reputation for her powerful legs, scissoring men until they pass out. Sara also owns and runs a fetish directory, Bad Kity for session providers who offer BDSM fetishes. When she is not travelling the world dominating men, Sara spends most of her time, training, shopping and spending time with family. Keep in touch with Sara via the web:

Website: Sara Lips Wrestling
Profile: Sara Bad Kity Profile
Twitter: @MissSaraLips