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Badkity.com may have adult-oriented content and thus not intended for minors.


Bad Kity is an online advertising directory for session wrestlers and dominatrixes. Please note we are not an escort agency, Bad Kity works as an intermediary for session providers worldwide.


By navigating this website and clicking on the links on this website, you confirm having read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions. In no event shall the administrators of this website be responsible with regard to the services offered in the advertisements or for the content which is added by an session provider to their profile page.

By continuing to navigate, you declare that you are an adult according to UK law and that you accept the content of the website

The session providers are solely responsible for the services offered in their adverts and shall be personally answerable to the law in the United Kingdom in the event of violations and/or perpetration of any crimes. The Management of the site reserves the unchallengeable right to block, suspend and remove adverts and photos where a violation of a current law is ascertained.

Session Providers Profiles

All profiles submitted on Bad Kity will be subject to approval before going live. Bad Kity retains the rights to suspend and remove without warning profiles for the following reasons:

  • Images that contain other people other than the named session provider
  • Graphic images of a sexual nature
  • Images should not contain third party markings, watermarks, logos or text.
  • Fake images or stock images from other websites
  • Escorts
  • Session providers who do not offer session wrestling or domination services
  • Unique Content

Using BadKity.com does not allow multiple accounts or taking ownership of someone else account and is a breach of our terms and conditions, which will result in your account being suspended and removed. 

External Marketing Policy

The advertiser agrees to give the Bad Kity permission to use photos and advertisement information provided by You: On Social Media Channels (such as, but no limited to, Twitter), email marketing, used by the Bad Kity for the promotion of the Website.

Media - Images/Other Resources

Session providers agree that they are the sole owner of any photos they submit to the website, Bad Kity and the photos are neither "fake" nor "stock" photography. Should images be found to be in breach of the above statement, or be found to be (in the opinion of Bad Kity) obscene, inappropriate or dishonest, we will remove them without warning.

Bad Kity is not responsible for the content made available through the website, it remains the sole responsibility of the session provider/punter where the  from whom the content originated. Above and beyond the guidelines set out in the Obscene Publications Act (UK), all images must comply with Bad Kity guidelines.

Additional Criteria & Requirements

Bad Kity will not advertise any session provider, (Session Wrestler/Dominatrix under the age of 18.

The Service Provider can accept no liability for any loss or damage caused by error or inaccuracy in the publication or omission of any advertisement.

The session provider is solely responsible for any liability arising out of publication of any advertisement.By agreeing to these terms and conditions your statutory rights are not affected. The Service Provider reserves the right to change or modify these.

Prostitution and Sex Trafficking

We prohibit using our BadKity.com or its services to promote prostitution/sex trafficking of another person. This includes using our website directory to share personal contact details or arrange face-to-face meetings. We will terminate the account of any person engaging in any prostitution or sex trafficking, and will report the individuals to the appropriate law enforcement agency. We will fully cooperate with any law-enforcement agency investigating prostitution or sex trafficking.

Advertising Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 11/03/22