What is cucking? maybe you’ve heard the terms ‘cucking’, ‘cuck’ or ‘cuckold’ but you’re not entirely clear on what they mean. Cucking traditionally is when a man enjoys watching his partner having sex with another man. Having a fetish for cuckolding can be related to humiliation, the individual gets off when their partner has sex with other men. Cuckolding is one of the most searched terms on pornography sites, yet it is still considered to be a taboo kink by many. Fun fact - the term cuckold actually comes from the cuckoo bird, which is known for laying its eggs in other birds nests… Makes sense doesn’t it?

What is Cucking, a Beginners Guide

If you’ve had a cuckold fantasy for a while and you’re ready to make your fantasy a reality, let’s start with learning the basics. First, let’s get to know our terminology… Cuckoldress - The one who has sex with the third party and makes their partner (the cuck) watch. Bull - The third party, usually well-endowed, that is chosen to come into the relationship to have sex with the cuckoldress. Cuck - The one who watches their partner having sex with the third party. Chastity - A metal ‘cage’ for the penis that is designed to prevent a man from having sexual intercourse or masturbating.

Types of Cuckold

There are many types of cuckolds - the kink varies depending on the participants, what they enjoy and what they are comfortable with. For example, cucking doesn’t necessarily have to involve the cuck being forced to watch - it may involve them just listening to stories from their partner about having sex with others. Below is a list and brief summary of some of the different types of cuckolds…

The Chastity Cuckold

This is when the cuck is completely denied of sex from their partner. During a cuckolding session the cuckoldress locks the cucks genitals in a cock cage, (chastity device) and forces them to watch, while she has sex or performs sexual acts with the bull.

The Sissy Cuckold

A sissy cuck takes on a more feminine role. For example, they may wear make up, female clothing, outfits and lingerie. Depending on their sexual orientation and wether they are bisexual, they may be forced to perform oral sex on the bull,  swallow cum or even engage with the bull sexually.

The Dominant Cuckold

Although we discussed that in most situations the cuck takes on a submissive role, this is not always the case. The cuck can be a dominant, ordering their partner to have sex with others in front of them, giving the cuckoldress and the bull directions during sex. They have control, and get off on telling their partner and the bull what to do in front of them.

The Pornographer

This type of cuck gets off on letting their partner go out alone and hook up with other men for sex. The cuckholdress either records just the audio or films the sex and brings the footage back to the cuck to watch. Similar to that of watching porn, instead the cucks partner is the porn actress. Fetishes that are closely related include, voyerism, SPH and humiliation.

The Bi-Cuck

When the male cuck is bisexual, they will often engage in the sexual activity, pleasuring the bull alongside his partner (if they allow it). A bi-cuck is often ordered to perform oral sex on the bull while their partner gives directions. Their cock maybe caged, locked in a chastity device to stop erections and ejaculation. A bi-cuck's purpose is to be used and abused by their partner and bull, orgasm denial, humiliation, SPH and crossdressing are often fetishes that are closely related to this form of cuckolding.

Lifestyle Cuckold

Perhaps the most extreme type of cuckold, the couple will live this lifestyle 24/7. Usually this applies to a married couple, but may also be a couple, (not married). The man will not engage in sexual activity with his partner, and she will often have multiple bulls that she has sex with, even going as far to live with them, whilst the cuck continues to provide for her. A lifestyle cuck gets off sexually, not on the act of sex, but on the gratification he receives from his partner being sexually satisfied by other men. His partner may as part of their cuckolding lifestyle force her partner to watch or humiliate them with stories of her encounters.

What is Cucking Domination

In a cuckolding scenario, the cuck is commonly seen as the submissive, whilst the cuckoldress is usually the dominant in the situation. The cuckoldress displays dominance by taking control and power over her cuck, she is the dominant. As the authoritarian, she decides how involved the cuck may be in the cucking session. Depending on the type of cuck will determine how involved he may be, but ultimately the decision is that of the dominant. Many men enjoy the humiliation that comes with cuckold domination. By being forced to watch their partner be intimate with someone else, they are made to think that they are not good enough or worthy to be with their partner (or cuckoldress) sexually. They may enjoy being verbally humiliated and degraded during a cuckolding session. Told by their partner that they could never please them the way that the bull can.

Cucking Humiliation

Cuckolding can be incorporated into other fetishes, for example small penis humiliation’ or SPH - the cuckoldress chooses a bull that has a much larger penis than her partner, and forces him to watch them have sex, taunting him about how small he is and that he could never satisfy her with his needle dick. To make the situation even more degrading and humiliating for the cuck, his partner may incorporate facesitting. She will order the cuck to perform oral sex on her while she pleasures the bull, providing an intense mixture of mental and physical humiliation for the cuck. To take it to the next extreme, the cuck could be forced to clean up the bulls semen  after he has ejaculated. By making her cuck watch her with another man, the female is establishing her superiority in the relationship - she is showing him that she can and will do as she pleases with no shame, and makes him sit through the ordeal. The bull can also take on a dominant role in cuckolding, presenting themselves as the alpha male. They may join the cuckoldress in humiliating and degrading the cuck. Some professional mistresses offer double domme sessions, where the cuck is abused by both dominants.

Cuckolding Dominatrix

If you are worried about approaching a partner or lover about exploring cuckolding, there are many professional dominatrixes who specialise in the fetish cucking. During a cuckolding session, a dominatrix will often bring her own well-endowed bull that she works with. Different session providers offer different types of cuckold sessions.

They may offer an option for you to bring your partner along to have sex with her bull in front of you. The dominatrix may offer to be the bull herself, pleasuring one partner whilst the other is forced to watch.

If you’re into BDSM cuckolding, many dominatrixes will cater to this. They may offer the option to have you restrained during the session, so that all you are able to do is watch. A professional domme/mistress will tailor the cuckolding session to suit you. Whether you want to be made to clean up the bull’s ejaculation, be forced to perform oral sex on the bull, wear feminine clothing, or be locked in chastity.

Below are a few session providers who offer cuckolding sessions on BadKity. Please note that some session providers offer a type of cucking, which doesn't involve sex with a bull.

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