Session wrestlers, typically female, engage in wrestling matches against men for financial compensation. These women are often highly skilled in wrestling or martial arts, enabling them to neutralise the physical advantage that men naturally possess. Male clients primarily seek out these women for mixed wrestling sessions, either to experience the challenge of wrestling with a skilled and muscular female or to explore a sexual fantasy.

What do Wrestling Sessions Involve?

There are several types of wrestling sessions that can be booked with a female session wrestler, including pin wrestling, pro wrestling, bondage wrestling, fantasy wrestling, semi-competitive wrestling, and full competitive wrestling. Among these, fantasy wrestling is the most popular, as it involves very little resistance from the male participant and focuses on light wrestling, scissors, pins, and overall domination. Semi-competitive wrestling is also a popular option, where the male counterpart puts up some resistance to test the strength and skills of the female wrestler. Full competitive wrestling, however, is rarely offered due to the increased risk of injury.

Session Wrestlers Travel List

Because session wrestling is a specialised niche, many female wrestlers travel extensively throughout the year. Depending on their location and the demand for their services, some wrestlers may have a home base and a dedicated wrestling studio where they can conduct sessions. However, others are required to travel and plan tours in different countries, advertising their tour dates in advance. Typically, these sessions take place in hotels or apartments during the wrestler's stay in a particular location.

Does Session Wrestling involve Sex?

Session wrestling, unlike escorting, is generally not promoted as a sexual service. Each female wrestler establishes her own limitations and boundaries based on her comfort level. Some wrestlers may wear athletic clothing such as shorts and a sports top, while others may choose to wear a g-string. There are also wrestlers who offer nude wrestling sessions. When booking a mixed wrestling session, it is common to receive a price list indicating the services offered and any additional costs for extras.

Although sex is not openly advertised in session wrestling, it is possible for consenting adults to engage in adult activities behind closed doors. However, it is important to understand that the primary focus of session wrestling is the physical aspect of wrestling, and it is not solely concerned with sexual encounters.

Female Session Wrestler Websites

If you're in search of a female session wrestler who offers private wrestling sessions, the go-to website that used to have the most advertisements from female wrestlers was WB270. Unfortunately, this wrestling directory closed towards the end of 2023 due to a retirement. However, there are now two main directories where independent female session wrestlers advertise: BadKity and SessionGirls. While some female wrestlers have their own personal websites, most still choose to advertise on one of these two directories. It's worth noting that all the women who advertise on these third-party directories are independent, meaning you would need to contact them directly using the contact details provided on their profile to book a wrestling session.

How to Book Session Wrestlers?

Please note that due to the high volume of emails that female wrestlers received daily, only emails with substance are likely to receive a reply. We recommend checking the touring schedule of the desired female wrestler to see if they will be in your city during the time you wish to book. If not, your email may be ignored as it is not relevant.

To book a female wrestler, send them an email expressing your interest in booking their services. Remember to include the country, city, date, and time you wish to book.

It is important to keep in mind that most session wrestlers have a limit on the number of corresponding emails, typically 3-5. If you have not asked all your questions and paid your deposit, you may be ignored. Deposits are mandatory, and no female wrestler will book your session without a paid deposit to confirm the booking.

You can easily find a session wrestler on Bad Kity's website by using the search function. When searching, narrow down your options by selecting femdoms who offer services such as, pin wrestling, pro wrestling, fantasy wrestling, semi competitive wrestling or full competitive wrestling.

Other fetishes that maybe offered by a female session wrestler include, feats of strength, lift and carry, muscle worship, scissoring, custom fetish videos and companionship.

Image Credit to: FightPulse a great resource for female vs male wrestling videos.

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