All of us have preferences when it comes to body types - call it artificial, but it’s human nature. Some men prefer, curvy, slim, toned, tall, small women. Then there are specific body parts that men are infatuated about legs, arms, breasts, ass and feet. Another type is men who love/adore women with muscle, referred to as a muscle fetish.

What is a Female Muscle Fetish?

Muscle worship is a fetish where a man enjoys worshipping women with various degrees of musculature. As with body types, the same applies to muscle fetish, while some men only seek to book the most muscular, ripped women they can find for sessions.

Other men prefer women who are muscular and toned. Think professional athletes, crossfit competitors or simply women that train often and have built a good degree of muscle over the years, but don't compete. It really depends on the individual and their sense of what level of muscle mass is enough.

The act of worshipping muscular women can consist of watching them flex and pose their muscles. The submissive/admirer may, touch, massage, lick, rub, and kiss their bodies during a muscle worship session.

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Muscle Worship Terminology

As with all passions, no two people are the same, although there are generally two categories in female muscle fetish. Sthenolagnia is where the submissive participant gains sexual arousal from touching and caressing a muscular women. The presentation of a muscle women in various poses is enough to create tremendous sexual arousal.

For the stenolagnic, sessions could involve the worshipper oiling the dominant and massaging the muscle of the female. Feeling the formations and seeing the lines, curves and shapes can excite and stimulate.

Cratolagnia, on the other hand, is all about strength. This is where erotic wrestling sessions or feeling powerless can be incorporated. Regardless of whether you are aroused by stenolagnia or cratolagnia, men who worship muscular women will have a preference for what thrills them.

Muscle Fetish Sessions

A muscle worship fetish can coincide with sexual masochism, where the more dominant and muscular woman will be more forceful with the worshipper, perhaps restraining them with their strength or pinning them down, forcing them to worship their superior build. Below are scenarios that can be incorporated into a muscle worship session.

muscle fetish worship sessionsMuscular Posing and Flexing

The bodybuilder can flex their muscles and stand in poses that allow you to admire the structure and appearance of the body. Caressing or massaging the dominant woman’s body, using oils to highlight shapes, or allowing the fingers to flow over the curves. Using the mouth, a worshipper may wish to kiss the areas that allure them and roll their tongue along the arches.

Feats of strength

The muscular woman can lift items that show how strong they are. Through the use of props or even the worshipper’s own body, the dominator can carry things around and move the participant in ways that demonstrate how powerful they are. Perhaps the desire is to have her legs wrapped around your head so that you can feel the scissoring force that they can grip you with or wrap their arms around you in a neck hold so that you can feel the biceps taut against your throat.

Muscle Fetish Domination

There are other fetishes that can be incorporated into a muscle worship session. If you desire the feeling of being overpowered, mixed wrestling is a great way for the dominant to display her strength and muscles by dominating you with a combination of wrestling holds, pins and scissors.

Other fetishes include, facesitting, ass worship, breath play, lift and carry, feats of strength and foot worship. Any of the fetishes mentioned provide the dominant with the opportunity to display their superiority and strength over their adversary/sub.

Sponsored Muscle Fetish

Sponsorship/growth fantasies is another sub-genre of muscle worship. Similar to the ‘feederism’ fetish, in which a partner will feed their partner in order to manipulate their weight for their sexual arousal, ‘sponsorship fantasies’ involve a sponsor (the worshipper) aiding the female bodybuilder to build and maintain and grow their muscles. They may provide, supplements, training equipment and money to help assist with their development.

Some women who offer female muscle worship simply do so as a side hustle to help fund their bodybuilding, to allow fans to meet and interact with them, or to simply earn some extra cash. 

How to Book a Muscle Worship Session?

If you are looking for a muscle mistress, muscle milf, muscle mommy or female bodybuilder, you can easily find them by using the search function on Bad Kity. When searching, narrow down your options by selecting femdoms who offer "body worship" as this activity is often associated with muscle fetish.

Once you have found a muscle girl, reach out to them via email to inquire about their services. Ask specifically if they offer "Muscle worship", most muscular women do offer some form of muscle admiration. Keep in mind you will be required to pay a deposit to secure your booking. Paying a deposit demonstrates your commitment and ensures that you are not just wasting their time.

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