Mixed wrestling, (male vs female) is a fetish where men enjoy wrestling women. The term session wrestlers is used when searching for women who wrestler men. Mixed wrestling sessions, also referred to as private wrestling sessions can be booked online with women who offer this type of fetish.

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Private Wrestling Sessions

Women who wrestle men for money is not a new trend. Session wrestling has been about since the 1970's, women used to advertise in fitness magazines with a simple text add and phone number. Mixed wrestling videos could be purchased from mail order catalogues.

When the internet became available to the public on January 1, 1983, the world of online advertising was born. Wb270 was one of the first directories to advertise women who offered mixed wrestling sessions. Still on the go today 25 years later featuring hundreds of women who wrestle men from across the world.

Male vs Female Wrestling

Female wrestlers today are tough and skilled, most strength train and have a background in some form of martial arts. During a mixed wrestling session the female in most cases is the dominant wrestler. The male, (schmoe) may test the females strength and skills during the session or depending on the type of wrestling session may wish to be dominated throughout the session.

There are various types of mixed wrestling sessions which I will go into more detail below. Men who fantasy about wrestling women may request that certain types of wrestling holds are used during a mixed wrestling session. Popular wrestling moves include, grapevine, americana, full nelson, figure 4 leg lock, scissors, school girl pins, arm bars, chokes.

Women who wrestle men is a fetish closely linked to muscle worship. Men can become sexually aroused by the act of wrestling and touching a beautiful, strong, toned female. As a general rule, female wrestlers who offer mixed wrestling sessions do not provide sexual services, NO sex.

Mixed Wrestling Session

If you are new to the world of session wrestling, there are rules. Under no circumstances are you to hurt a women, so if you have an ego complex who wishes to demonstrate how strong and skilled you are, this is not the place for you. No female wrestler wishes to wrestle a 6 foot, 200lb ex marine in a full competitive match.

There are times where men seem to misinterpret the meaning of semi competitive wrestling. In an earlier article I wrote on fantasy wrestling vs semi competitive wrestling. I explain the meaning and the amount of force that can be used during a semi competitive match.

Mixed Wrestling Domination

Many of the session wrestlers who offer mixed wrestling also advertise additional services that you may wish to avail of, some of the fetishes include, facesitting, breath play, beatdowns, scissoring, trampling, lift and carry, feats of strength and more.

A mixed wrestling session may start with wrestling, but then switch to scissor holds, schoolgirl pins, trampling or muscle worship. Always be clear in your email communication when describing the type of session you wish to book. If you are unsure of the terminology of other fetishes and kinks, be sure to check out our kinklist guide featuring 51 bdsm fetishes. Below are brief descriptions on the various types of wrestling session you may wish to book.

Fantasy Wrestling

The term fantasy relates to a fantasy world, not real, where anything is possible. Roleplaying, costumes and scripts are typically incorporated into a fantasy wrestling session. A fantasy can manifest itself from something you've seen or experienced at some point in your life.

Semi-competitive Wrestling

In a semi competitive wrestling match, the opponent attempts to resist with a reasonable amount of force, testing the female wrestlers strength and skills. Unlike a competitive wrestling match where the object is to score points by pinning your opponents shoulders to the floor. Semi competitive wrestling should be fun, challenging without the competitiveness of winning.

Competitive Wrestling

Competitive wrestling is scored by pins or submissions. Only a few female wrestlers offer full competitive wrestling due to the risk of injury. If they do offer this service it is generally reserved for regular clients who they have met before. If you are new to mixed wrestling, lack experience and have no previous references. It's highly unlikely that any session wrestler will book a competitive wrestling session with you.

My advice for beginners is start with a semi competitive session. The majority of female wrestlers offer semi competitive and you will have a higher probability of successfully booking a session. Please note that deposits are required to book, each session provider has their own booking and cancellation policy, always check the term and conditions on their profile.

Bondage Wrestling

The goal of bondage wrestling is to immobilise your opponent by tying either their arms, legs or both. Rather than scoring points by pin or submission, bondage is used. Once a point has been scored by bondage, the loser is untied and the wrestling recommences. Bondage wrestling can either be semi competitive, full competitive or fantasy. The difference being the scoring method used to score points.

Bondage maybe used as a form of domination wrestling where one opponent is partially bound. The bound wrestler fights and defends while under attack, some submissive men enjoy this type of wrestling where they are dominated from the start.

Sensual Wrestling

Engaging in mixed wrestling with a gorgeous, strong, and well-toned woman can be both physically and sensually gratifying. Mixed wrestling is closely related to muscle worship, as some men find pleasure in admiring and experiencing the closeness of skin-on-skin contact during these sessions. Additionally, incorporating other fetishes like facesitting, breast smothering, ball busting, or ass worship can intensify the experience.

The act of being dominated by a powerful woman, feeling the pressure between her thighs or being smothered by her breasts or buttocks, often results in a highly arousing experience for many men.

Female Mixed Wrestlers

If you are interested in booking a mixed wrestling session, you can find a female wrestler easily on Bad Kity by using the search function. To narrow down your options, select one of the following services: pin wrestling, pro wrestling, fantasy wrestling, semi-competitive wrestling, or full competitive wrestling.

Additionally, you can stay updated on the latest tour dates of female wrestlers coming to a city near you. These wrestlers may also offer other fetishes such as feats of strength, lift and carry, muscle worshipscissoringcustom fetish videos, and companionship.

Image Credit to: FightPulse a great resource for female vs male wrestling videos.

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