Women's wrestling has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, and it was officially recognised as an Olympic sport in 2004. Another interesting development is the rise of mixed wrestling, which allows both men and women to compete against each other in wrestling matches. In this article, we will explore a selection of mixed headscissors techniques that are commonly used as self-defense tactics during submission wrestling matches.

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What is a Scissor Hold in Wrestling

The scissor hold is a versatile and effective submission move in wrestling. It involves using your legs to apply pressure and control your opponent's body. The primary goal of the scissor hold is to restrict your opponent's movement. In addition to inflicting pain, this hold limits their ability to escape or counter your attacks. The beauty of the scissor hold lies in its adaptability, with various applications during wrestling matches.

Mixed Headscissors Positions

The wrestling hold known as headscissors involves utilising the legs to trap the opponent's head, proving to be an effective method for immobilising and gaining control. Although primarily used in competitive matches, the different positions associated with headscissors also appeal to men with various fetishes such as muscle fetish, mixed wrestling, and scissoring domination.

Below are the most common head scissor positions that are used in mixed wrestling matches and enjoyed by men across the world.

1. Figure-Four Headscissor

In this position, the legs are used to apply a chokehold on the opponent. One leg is hooked across the opponent's throat while the other leg traps the ankle behind the knee, creating a figure-four shape. This exerts significant pressure on the opponent's head or throat, making it challenging for them to break free. To further intensify the headscissor, the attacker can grab their own foot or ankle and apply additional pressure to the choke.

There are three different variations of the figure 4 headscissor: the front figure 4 scissor hold, the reverse figure 4, and the side figure 4 hold. In the front figure 4 scissor hold, both opponents face the same direction. In the reverse figure 4, the attacker faces away from their opponent. Lastly, in the side figure 4 hold, the dominant wrestler positions themselves in a side scissor hold.

2. Reverse Headscissor

In this wrestling technique, the wrestler is positioned in a reverse headscissor, facing away from their opponent. The opponent's head is trapped between the wrestler's thighs, their legs are either in a straight position with the ankles locked together or in a figure 4 position.

The headscissor move mentioned here is favoured by men who have an interest in mixed wrestling. In this move, the female participant often ends up in a reverse position with their glutes close to the face of their male opponent. The opponent's head is securely held between the thighs, preventing them from looking away as the glutes flex and apply pressure. The female wrestler may choose to keep their legs straight or utilise a figure-four position where they can use their ankle to pull their opponent's head closer to their buttocks, which can restrict their breathing.

3. Standing Headscissor

In this position one wrestler is typically kneeling while the other wrestler straddles their head with their legs in a standing position. The attacker may adopt a narrow stance where the feet are close together or cross the ankles over one another to create more force.

Another favoured position involves the male lying on a bed with his head extending over the edge, staring at the ceiling. The female wrestler straddles his head, facing either towards or away from him. She then pulls his head up and places it against her crotch or glutes, depending on her orientation. From this pose, she performs a standing headscissor move, demonstrating her dominance over her opponent as they are left powerless, looking up at her.

4. Side Headscissor

In this move, the attacker wraps their legs around the opponent's head or neck from a lying side position, creating a powerful scissor grip. The head's small circumference and the long leverage of the legs allow for a substantial amount of pressure to be applied to the head or neck, immobilising the opponent.

Regardless of whether the opponent is facing the attacker or facing away. This technique leverages the length of the legs and stability that the floor provides to exert immense pressure on the opponent's head. It may seem strange, but some individuals with a fetish for headscissors enjoy the intense pressure and the potential danger of being rendered unconscious by this hold.

5. Front Headscissor

The front headscissor is a wrestling move where the attacker secures their opponent's head between their legs, while facing them. The opponent can be in various positions, such as lying on their stomach, back, or on their knees.

From this position, the attacker has full visibility of their opponent as they struggle to escape the tight grip of their thighs. If the attacker applies pressure to the sides of the neck, particularly in the kneeling position, it is not uncommon for knockouts to occur.

6. Body Scissors (bonus)

While it may not be considered a headscissor movement, body scissors are equally as deadly and deserve to be included on this list. As the name suggests, a body scissors involves one wrestler wrapping their legs around their opponent's body, locking their ankles, and applying pressure to restrict the intake of oxygen.

If you've never experienced a scissor hold before, it can be a mix of exhilaration and fear to find yourself trapped between a pair of strong thighs capable of exerting immense force. It's difficult to fully grasp the strength that some women possess until you feel the squeeze!

Mixed Headscissors in Wrestling

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