Below is a comprehensive kinklist of BDSM fetish descriptions that are advertised on Bad Kity. For those individuals that are not aware of their individual meanings, and would like to educate themselves prior to contacting any of our session providers, please refer to the article below. While this article focuses primarily on the dynamic of the relationship between the female (dominant) and male (submissive). Most BDSM fetishes are enjoyed by either sex with various roles.

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Age Play

Individuals who engage in age play enjoy acting out the role of either a little boy, little girl, schoolchild, or pet. In the BDSM scene the dominant plays the role of either a Mommy, Mistress, Owner, Babysitter, or Teacher. Age play focuses greatly on the practice of relationship dynamics. Spanking, caning, costumes, cuddling & nurturing can play a part of age play. For many, this is a form of escapism from the responsibilities of the adult world. Age play is an adult fetish and has no connection to Pedophilia.

Ass Worship

For those individuals who love the female booty, ass worship is performed by inserting the face into the cheeks of the dominant female. There are various positions that may be incorporated into an ass worship session. The dominant being worshiped may wear a variety of clothing such as lingerie, PVC, leggings, g- string or jeans. Ass worship can sometimes incorporate an element of breath play, smothering and humiliation. Ass worship can be very sensual depending on the limitations of your dominant.

Body Worship

The fetish body worship refers to the adoration of any part of another person's body. Body worship may include singular or multiple areas of the body, ass, calves, feet, muscles or legs. A submissive can show their admiration of their dominant’s body by kissing, licking, caressing, sucking, and stroking their preferred body part.

Body worship or muscle worship is a very popular kinklist fetish among men who adore muscular, strong women. Female bodybuilders in particular offer body worship to their adoring fans.


Bondage fetish is the physical act of restraining an individual using handcuffs, ropes, cable ties, duct tape, blindfolds, gags and more. In relation to fetishes that are advertised on Bad Kity by session providers. Bondage may be used in conjunction with other fetishes such as wrestling, ass worship, face sitting, CBT, forced bi and many more. Many submissive men enjoy bondage as a way of relinquishing control over to their mistress.

Bondage domination is a fetish that involves an element of trust between the dominant and submissive. It is advised that if you are a novice and wish to experience the fetish bondage that a safe word is established prior to the session commencing.


Individuals who enjoy watching female boxing and MMA may fantasize about being beat up by a female. Boxing sessions can incorporate shadow boxing, sparring and real time boxing. In most instances the male (submissive) does not fight back while the boxer repeatedly punches them.

Many men enjoy this type of fetish as it demonstrates the dominant’s strength and power over them. The female may be asked to wear a certain outfit during the session which may be centered around their favourite MMA stars.

The fetish boxing is closely related to beatdowns where the dominant is given permission to beat the submissive into submission. Depending on the dominant’s skill level, boxing sessions can be intense.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Many session wrestlers who offer BDSM sessions are skilled in BJJ or some form of martial art. Men who adore strong powerful women love to test/feel the strength and skills of their dominant.

Session providers who are skilled in BJJ make excellent opponents. BJJ can therefore be incorporated into a session in the format of full comp, semi comp or fantasy wrestling. It is a combat sport based on ground fighting and submission holds. When practicing BJJ a gi is generally worn by both the dominant and submissive.

Breath Play

Breath play also referred to as asphyxiaphilia is a form of suffocation. The dominant may restrict the intake of oxygen by suffocating her victim using various parts of their body. Hand over mouth (HOM), breast smothering and chokes are all popular methods of restricting air.

It is not uncommon for the victim (submissive) to lose consciousness while being suffocated. Breath play can be very dangerous and should only be practiced by an experienced dominant.

The act of auto-erotic asphyxia has been responsible for a number of high profile deaths including David Carradine and Michael Hutchence.


A fetish for cuddling involves a specific sexual interest or attraction towards intimate physical contact. Cuddling is often associated with feelings of emotional connection, intimacy, and affection. For individuals with a cuddling fetish, the act of cuddling can be highly arousing due to the emotional and physical closeness it entails. The experience of feeling safe, loved, and cared for during cuddling can trigger sexual desire or excitement.


The abbreviated term for cock and ball torture, (CBT) an extreme fetish centred around inflicting pain on the penis and testicles.

For many, CBT although extreme is a sexual turn on.The scrotum and penis are packed with nerve endings, making them extremely sensitive to all types of handling. The type of CBT session booked can differ depending on who you book your session with. For example a dominatrix may cage your cock, referred to as cock bondage. Another more extreme type of torture is the use of nails or needles to pierce the scrotum.

Most session providers offer a form of CBT referred to as ballbusting where the penis and scrotum are kicked, slapped, squeezed and punched repeatedly. Various BDSM toys and equipment can be used to further enhance the experience.

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Chastity Control

Male chastity is the deliberate denial of an orgasm, also referred to as a ruined orgasm. It is a common practice among dominatrixes where the penis and scrotum are caged. The dominant holds the key to the chastity device and will keep their slave (submissive) caged for a period of time which is determined by the dominant. This could be anything from one hour to a month, the longer the submissive is locked up the more chance he has of developing blue ball syndrome. Chasity devices prevent erections, sexual intercourse and orgasms.

Many men enjoy the delayed gratification, while the dominant takes control of their sexual release. Chasity control is also enjoyed by men who have a fetish for cuckolding. The male’s cock and balls are caged by the dominant and they are forced to watch as the dominant has intercourse with a superior well hung bull.

This type of chastity control may help encourage men to pay attention to the needs of others rather than their own pleasure.


Although not a fetish, companionship is included in our kinklist as it is offered by many of our session providers. Companionship is simply a way of booking exclusive time with that person. Companionship time spent together can include anything from dinner dates, theater trips, holidays, shopping excursions or spa treatments. It may be included as part of a session where additional time is set aside or as a separate event free from the constraints of session times.

Corporal Punishment

Within the BDSM community corporal punishment can include a wide range of disciplining methods. The dominant may whip, cane, spank, kick, beat and humiliate the submissive. Men who enjoy pain, (masochists) derive extreme pleasure from corporal punishment. Others find that corporal punishment heightens sexual pleasure from pain.

Due to the extreme nature of corporal punishment, consent and safe words must be established before commencing any sessions. Corporal punishment would be considered a hardcore kink. Aftercare is strongly advised after a session.


A hugely popular fetish that can be incorporated into most other fetishes but especially role play. Costume’s may be worn by either the dominant, submissive or both. The submissive may request that the session provider wear a certain outfit during the session, such as Lycra, PVC, leather, knee high socks, high heels or cosplay.

Costumes are a way for the individual to immerse themselves into an altered reality of their own creation.


A crossdresser refers to a person who enjoys wearing clothing off the opposite sex. Within the BDSM community men may opt to book a session with an element of crossdressing. Age play, forced bi, humiliation, and strap-on are all popular fetishes that merge very well with crossdressing.

Some men fantasise about gender role reversal and enjoy dressing up as the opposite sex. The dominant takes on the role of the male and the submissive the female. The dominant may use the submissive as either a slave, sex toy or both.

Custom Videos

Many session providers offer custom fetish videos as a service. Custom videos may include role plays, costumes, wrestling holds, muscle worship, trash talk and more. Custom videos are a great way of connecting with your favourite dominant either prior to a real time session or as a continuous fan.

Custom video requests are generally filmed for individual clients based on their session requests. Some session providers will produce custom content for their fans, either on their own personal website or on websites such as Onlyfans.

If you have a particular type of fetish or scenario. Custom videos are a great way of acting out your fantasy in the context of a virtual session.


A session with two session girls or dominatrixes is referred to as a Duo. Some session providers choose to travel together and offer Duo sessions, this provides clients with the opportunity to meet two or more session providers during their session.


The fetish edging refers to the process of bringing oneself to the brink of orgasm, then stopping before climax. The process is repeated over and over again until finally climaxing. Edging can be performed by yourself or by someone else.

Due to the sexual nature of this fetish, always check with your session provider to see if they offer the service, before contacting them. Edging sessions can be booked as a stand alone fetish or in conjunction with other fetishes.

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Electro Play

A shocking fetish, pardon the pun involving electricity. Electro play also referred to as electrophilia is the practice of using an electrical current to stimulate pleasure. Anyone who has a fetish for electro play enjoys using electric currents mostly to their genitalia. Electric wands & tens machines can be used to stimulate areas of the body. Electro play is mostly offered as a service by dominatrixes and is related to the BDSM fetish scene.

Other fetishes that complement electro play are, edging, bondage, tie and tease & orgasm denial.

Face Sitting

Face sitting, also referred to as "Queening" is a very sensual BDSM fetish where one person, usually the dominant, sits on the face of the other. Men who enjoy face sitting may request a particular outfit or item of clothing to be worn during the session, spandex, jeans, leggings, thong, tights or full nude.

Many men who enjoy face sitting love feeling the full weight of a woman sit on their face. Face sitting is often combined with other fetishes, smothering, breath play, edging, bondage. For some men having a beautiful female sit on their face is the ultimate form of humiliation. Face sitting sessions can cause extreme sexual arousal.

Face Slapping

A dominant may use face slapping to reinforce their dominance over the submissive. Rarely booked as a stand alone fetish, face slapping is used in conjunction with other fetishes where the emphasis is on domination, humiliation and control by the authoritarian.

Face slapping can be combined with, CBT, ass worship, foot worship, electro play, edging, orgasm denial. Both session wrestlers and dominatrixes use face slapping as a way to show their dominance over their subject.

Fantasy Wrestling

Fantasy Wrestling is non competitive and often referred to as domination wrestling. The submissive being dominated will put up little to no resistance. Dominance can be demonstrated in the form of various submission holds, scissor holds and pins.

It is an altered reality, where outfits and role play scenarios can be used to create the ultimate reality. Characters and storylines usually play an intricate part of fantasy wrestling sessions, examples include school girl bully or secretary's revenge. Intensity and play level will depend on the submissive's requests or pain threshold.

Feats of Strength

The BDSM fetish feats of strength are mostly offered by session wrestlers and bodybuilders. Men who adore strong, muscular women enjoy testing the strength of their idols. Feats of strength may involve arm wrestling, lift and carry, mercy, gym training, scissoring, bear hugs, crushing, leg wrestling, press ups and other types of strength tests.

Do you find strong, dominant women a turn? If the answer is yes, then there are many services offered on Bad Kity that will exhibit the session provider's strength and power over their subject.

Feats of strength can be booked as a stand alone fetish or combination with other kinks to include, wrestling, lift and carry, muscle worship, scissoring, MMA, BJJ and Judo.

Financial Domination

Financial domination, (findom) is a financial arrangement between the dominant and submissive. Financial domination centers around the power exchange between the dominant and submissive. The submissive may be blackmailed, humiliated, forced to buy gifts and/or hand over money for the privilege of serving their dominant.

A financial slave is sometimes called a, cash cow, money pig or pay pig. Men who enjoy being a financial slave may become increasing aroused at the thought and act of being financially raped. Financial domination is more about emotionally dominating the submissive, rather than physically punishing them.

Foot Fetish

According to Ramachandran foot fetishes could be a result from cross-wiring in the brain between the foot and the genital parts. Foot fetish is one of the most common sexual fetishes among men. A foot fetishist may become sexually aroused by the shape, smell or touch of the feet. Men who have a foot fetish may also enjoy "footjobs," in which the penis is masturbated using the toes or soles of feet.

Other forms of foot fetish include foot trampling. The submissive lies on the floor while the dominant walks up and down their body with their feet. Kicking, stomping, crushing may be included in a foot trampling session.

Forced Bi

Forced bi is a BDSM practice where the dominant coheres or forces the submissive to perform sexual acts to someone of the same sex. Forced bi is also referred to as forced bisexuality.

Cuckolding and forced bi are closely related. A forced bi scene may include the dominant having sexual intercourse with a regular partner while the submissive watches. The submissive may be used by the dominant partner, forced to give oral or anally penetrated by a penis or strapon dildo.

Many submissive men get off on the idea of the woman being able to force them to do this, and enjoy being given to another person and used for their sexual pleasure. Forced bi can be a safe way to explore their sexuality without judgment. Forced bi is a hardcore kink and is generally offered as a service by a dominatrix.

Full Competitive Wrestling

Full competitive wrestling is between two competitors who attempt to gain the superior advantage over the other. Competitors may choose to fight from an upright or kneeling position. Points may be scored by submission or pinning the competitor for a certain length of time. Full competitive wrestling is extremely physical and due to the increased risk of injury is only offered by some session providers.

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Having a fetish for giant women has risen in popularity over the last few years. Men who have a giant fetish enjoy the feeling of being small, abused, degraded and dominated by giants. Macrophilia is used to describe a sexual fascination with giant women.

A fetish for giantess often involves elements of power dynamics, where the giantess figure represents dominance and control. Some individuals may find pleasure in imagining themselves as small or helpless.

Hard Sports

Hard sports is an extreme sexual practice, viewed by most as taboo. Hard sports also referred to as scat play, involves one person defecating on another. It may also involve playing with feces, eating feces or covering the body in feces.

Hard sports is an extreme BDSM fetish and only a few dominatrixes on Bad Kity offer the service. Scat play sessions may involve the submissive being used as a toilet slave by their dominant. Due to the nature of the fetish, sessions are normally booked around the toilet habits of the dominant.


A fetish for hosiery, also known as hosiery fetishism or stocking fetishism, is a specific sexual interest or attraction towards various types of hosiery such as stockings, pantyhose, tights, or socks. The various textures and sensations of hosiery against the skin for some individuals find arousing.

Stockings or pantyhose, can be visually appealing to individuals who are attracted to the aesthetics of legs and feet which can cause sexual arousal.


In the context of BDSM there are various forms of humiliation. Public humiliation is a form of humiliation where the submissive is verbally or physically humiliated in front of others. Physical humiliation involves physical acts which degrade the submissive, fetishes such as corporal punishment, CBT, spitting, face slapping, forced bi are just a few fetishes that cause humiliation to the submissive.

A dominant may use erotic humiliation to verbally humiliate the submissive. Erotic humiliation may involve SPH, racist comments, mock aspects of the submissive’s appearance or trash talking personal attacks and insults to the submissive.


Individuals who fantasize about being interrogated enjoy playing the subject of the interrogation.

The submissive usually has information that the Dominant does not, this could be a secret code or password. The interrogator, the dominant uses various techniques to extract the information, physical pain, verbal threats, humiliation and even sexual abuse.

Interrogations rely heavily on role-playing and acting out scenes. Both the submissive and dominant should agree on limitations before the interrogation scene begins.


Judo involves a combination of throwing, striking and grappling techniques. Some men fantasize about being beat up by a female skilled in the art of judo. Similar to other fetishes where the submissive is at the mercy of the dominant. Judo sessions may be booked as a stand alone fetish or combined with other similar fetishes.


Kickboxing is a stand up combat sport. Ladies who have experience in kickboxing may have professional training in karate, taekwondo or muay thai to name a few.

Sessions may incorporate a variety of kicking techniques such as roundhouse kick, high kick, spinning back or jump kick. In most instances the submissive does not fight back while the kickboxer repeatedly punches and kicks them.

Kickboxing demonstrates the dominant’s strength and power over them. The female may be asked to wear a certain outfit during the session. Kickboxing is closely related to other martial art fetishes. Men who enjoy being dominated by kick boxing may wish that the dominant be of a certain body shape, stature or skill set.

Depending on the skill set of the dominant, kickboxing sessions can either be playful or intense.

Latex/ Leather/PVC

A fetishist may fantasize and become aroused by the thought, look and/or smell of latex, leather & PVC.

Corsets, miniskirts, bodysuits, knee high boots and sex toys are common items made of these materials. People with a latex, leather or PVC fetish may want to wear items of clothing themselves or are attracted to others that wear latex, leather or PVC.

As mentioned earlier "outfits" can be included in most BDSM fetish activities. Latex, leather and PVC cling to the skin accentuating the natural curves of the body. Within the BDSM community, latex, leather and PVC are often worn by a dominatrix.

Lift & Carry

A very popular fetish among men who enjoy being lifted and carried in varied positions by a woman. Lift and Carry is mostly offered by session wrestlers and bodybuilders as it requires strength.

Types of lifts include, fireman's lift, piggy back, shoulder ride, pony ride, cradle carry, front squat and back squat. People who have a fetish for L&C are usually interested in the height and weight differences between the person carrying and the person being carried. Some prefer to see a small person carry a big person and others prefer the opposite. Men who enjoy the fetish can become extremely sexually aroused.


Mummification is an extreme version of bondage where the individual is completely immobilized. The use of cling film, PVC tape, duct tape or a mummification suit may be used. Depending on the submissive’s requests, certain parts of the body may be left exposed; usually the genitals, nipples and face.

A person can be mummified for a short or long period of time. Within the BDSM community mummification is performed by an experienced dominatrix.

Needle Play

Needle play involves the art of piercing parts of the body, for the purpose of enjoying the experience. Needle play or play piercing can produce an intense endorphin high that's associated with pain. Some may even orgasm during a play piercing session.

The experience of multiple piercings is very different from the experience most people have had in a medical setting. Rather than the needle being placed into the skin, in needle play the needle is pierced through the skin so that both ends of the needle are visible.

At the end of a needle play session all needles or tools are removed from the body allowing time to heal. Play piercing is offered by a dominatrix. Some professional dominatrixes have their own private, fully equipped dungeons for such activities.

Orgasm Denial

Orgasm denial is a fetish enjoyed by both sexes, it involves maintaining a high level of arousal without an orgasm. Orgasm denial is used by the dominant as a form of sex play. The dominant will bring the submissive to the edge of orgasm and then stop. The process is repeated as many times as the dominant wishes holding the submissive in a constant state of arousal. A dominant may also choose to ruin the submissive’s orgasm.

Another more extreme method of orgasm denial is to use chastity devices, such as cock cages and chastity belts. These devices stop erections and ejaculation. The submissive may be instructed to wear the chastity device for a certain time period as a form of servitude.

Pin Wrestling

Pin wrestling focuses primarily on pinning your opponent's shoulder blades to the wrestling mat or floor for a certain length of time. Have you ever watched WWE where one opponent tries to pin the other to win the match? In WWE both shoulders (scapula) must remain on the mat for a count of 3 to win the match.

Pro Wrestling

Professional wrestling is a combat sport often involving scripted matches and alter ego's. Wrestling matches are fast-moving, athletic with displays of feats of strength, and at times weaponry. Some pro wrestling moves include: flying clothesline, figure four leg lock, pile driver, atomic drop, boston crab and camel clutch. The list of pro wrestling moves is endless, fans of the sport can be fanatical.

Anyone who ever enjoyed the theatrics of pro wrestling may wish to reenact some of the pro wrestling moves with a beautiful, muscular, strong female wrestler.

Role Play

Role play is a great way to enhance and explore fantasies or fetishes. Costumes, scripts and props all help to reenact the fantasy. Role plays can be incorporated into any BDSM fetish and are enjoyed by both sexes. Role play fantasies have no limitations, each person is an individual with their own kinks. Roleplaying provides a safe and legal way of acting out a fantasy.


Contrary to what you think, the fetish scissoring is not a sex position. Men who enjoy scissoring love to be trapped and squeezed between the thighs of a powerful woman. While it may seem an unusual fetish, scissoring is very popular. Some men wish to be knocked out & squeezed until they go unconscious during a scissor session.

Some session wrestlers have extremely powerful thighs with the ability to crush their victim. There is a famous party trick called the "pressure gauge", where the intensity keeps increasing in increments until the submissive can no longer take the punishment. Scissoring is often combined with other kinks such as domination wrestling in particular.

Scissor holds include but are not limited to, figure 4 scissor, body scissor, front head scissor & reverse head scissor. The service scissoring is offered mostly by session wrestlers.

Semi Competitive Wrestling

Each session provider who offers semi competitive wrestling has their own definition in terms of intensity. Always check with your session provider, semi competitive wrestling is NOT competitive wrestling.

Generally the consensus is that, semi competitive wrestling is where the session provider offends in trying to put their competitor in holds or pins, while their opponent defends using reasonable resistance. This gives the session a real feeling, letting the competitor test the session provider's strength and skills

Semi competitive wrestling sessions should be fun, friendly, focusing more on the challenge, instead of winning.

Sensory Deprivation

Sensory deprivation focuses on eliminating one or more senses of the submissive, therefore heightening their other senses. A dominant might use a blindfold to remove the submissive's sight or ear plugs to remove hearing. The object during a sensory deprivation session is to focus on the remaining senses. Removing a singular or multiple senses heightens the sensitivity of the other senses which can result in an erotic experience.

A dominant may tease and torture their submissive's body using, feathers, floggers, hot wax, electric wands and a variety of sex toys. Sensory play and sensory deprivation heightens the available senses to make foreplay and orgasms more thrilling.


For some people who have a smoking fetish the act of watching a female playing with the cigarette before lighting it or the act of smoking itself can cause arousal. It is thought that the cigarette could be seen as a sexual prop and a woman's lips representing her vulva.

Smoking is also associated with the recovery phase after sex, referred to as the "refractory period". This has been portrayed in many film scenes where a naked female sits on the edge of the bed and lights up a cigarette.


Spanking within the context of BDSM is a punishment for misbehaving, rule breaking or forgetting to complete a task. Spanking can be the gateway into more hardcore fetishes, enjoyed by both sexes. Spanking is a quirky kink that can involve light playful spanking or heavy painful spanking that results in a sore red bottom.

Individuals who get off on pain, enjoy a good spanking, no matter how bad the spanking is. This may be the effect of an endorphin rush, which is associated with pain. There are no hard and fast rules about how long a spanking may last. Safe words should always be agreed between the dominant and submissive.


Small penis humiliation or SPH is a fetish where men get aroused when a female ridicules the size of their penis. Within an SPH session, the dominant may mock the size of the man's penis using various methods. Verbal name calling such as micro dick, tiny dick, pencil dick and many more. The dominant may also use props and pornographic images of large cocks to further enhance the humiliation.

Not all men who enjoy SPH have a small penis. In fact, a good number of men who enjoy SPH have average to large sized penises. Another form of SPH is virtual where men send images of their flaccid or erect penis to the dominant for an overall rating.


A fetish for spitting refers to a sexual interest in the act of spitting or the presence of saliva. Spit fetishism can involve a sensory appeal, where the act of spitting or the presence of saliva elicits a pleasurable or arousing response. For some individuals, spitting can be associated with power dynamics, dominance, submission scenarios. The act of spitting on someone or being spat on can evoke feelings of control, humiliation, or submission and degradation.


The male G spot, the prostate is located just inside the rectum, this may be one of the reasons why strap-on is such a popular BDSM fetish. During a strap-on session, the prostate gland is stimulated, this can cause the submissive to ejaculate, referred to as milking. Due to the number of nerve endings attached to the prostate, orgasm or assgasms can be intense.

Strap-on can be considered a from of feminisation, slave training or humiliation. Fantasizing about strap-on is quite normal and will not change anyone’s sexual preferences. The dominant will normally wear a harness with interchangeable  plastic or rubber dildos of various sizes. It is recommended that first timers select a small dildo and gradually work up to a larger one.

Please note, your dominant may request that you give yourself an enema either the day before or the morning prior to your strap-on session.


People who enjoy the fetish tickling can become sexually aroused when tickled. The dominant may hold down or tie up the submissive to limit movement. The tickler will generally choose sensitive areas of the body to tickle, such as the ribs, armpits, neck, feet, chest, inner thighs and genitals.

Tickling can be fun, sensual and torturous depending on how ticklish the submissive is. Unlike some other types of fetishes, there is generally very little danger with tickling.


Trampling is a BDSM fetish where the submissive becomes aroused by having a person walk over his body. Trampling can be popular with fans of sadomasochism and it is thought that sexual arousal is the result of pain and humiliation.

The dominant may instruct the submissive to lie on either his back or stomach while they walk over his body. In addition to walking, the dominant may jump or stomp on the submissive's back, stomach, chest and genitals, The dominant may be barefoot, wearing socks, nylons, or for extreme trampling, high heels. Trampling is closely related to the fetishes gigantism and foot fetish.

Virtual Sessions

Virtual sessions are a form of online BDSM. They are ideally suited for those individuals who for whatever reason are unable to act out their fantasies or fetishes in real time. Others may use online sessions as an alternative method of continuing their BDSM journey and servitude to their dominant.

Virtual sessions may be in the form of video, webcam, email, chat rooms, phone or text and are offered by both session wrestlers and dominatrixes.

Water Sports

Individuals who engage in the kink, watersports enjoy being urinated on. Within a BDSM session, the dominant may use the submissive as their slave toilet, urinating over their face, mouth, body and genitalia. Water sports or golden showerscan be used as a form of punishment or humiliation.

Wax Play

Wax play is a form of sensual BDSM that can cause sexual arousal. The feeling of the hot wax hitting the body causes a rush of adrenalin which stimulates the pain pleasure centers of the brain. Wax play is often combined with other kinks and fetishes, and generally offered as a service by a dominatrix.

Wax can be used to heighten arousal or used as a form of punishment. Certain wax compounds have higher melting points which causes a more intense experience. Paraffin and soy wax are the most popular varieties for beginners.


Whipping, also referred to as impact play, is a form of BDSM where one person strikes another’s body with a whip (flogger) to cause pleasurable sensations of pain. Whipping or caning can be booked as standalone fetish or combined with others to include: humiliation, bondage, role play, corporal punishment or age play.

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