What’s a JOI script for OnlyFans? The abbreviation JOI stands for "Jerk of Instruction" a fetish where the provider normally a female instructs the male how to masturbate. Men who enjoy this fetish enjoy relinquishing control of their cock over to an attractive, dominant women who instructs them how they want to see them stroke their cock. JOI sessions can take place online or in person. JOI scripts are popular on platforms like Etsy, where girls can purchase scripts and use them to monetise their content on OnlyFans.

JOI Request Customisation JOI script for OnlyFans

No matter where you are in the world, JOI is the perfect fetish for those interested in light erotic domination. Whether you are connecting online or meeting in person, you have the option to personalise the JOI session by incorporating your clients' name. It is recommended to ask a few questions during booking to create a more personalised experience. 

  1. Favoutite bodypart (ass, tits, legs, feet)
  2. One pop or multiple ejaculations
  3. Turn on's and turn offs
  4. Favourite item of clothing (g string, spandex, heels)
  5. Do you enjoy any other fetishes

JOI Script Example

During our time together I want to make it clear that I own your cock and will decide how and when you cum.

Now take off your clothes and show me what I'm working with.

Using one hand grab you cock firmly and start to stoke it slowly, I want to see long slow strokes. A little later when your all worked up we will focus on the head of your cock.

While your slowly stroking your cock, I want you to watch as I pull my tits out of my bra. I love how my bra bolsters my tits up high on my chest.

I want you stop and let me watch as your cock pulses, are you horny? I bet you'd enjoy sliding your cock between my tits.

Go ahead and resume stroking your cock, this time a little faster. But remember, you're not allowed to cum without my permission. I will decide when you can release your creamy load.

Thats good, not to fast, glide your hand over the hood of your cock as I watch.

I want you to pause from jerking your cock and look at my juicy tits, now reach down, grab your balls and give them a really good squeeze.

Good boy, now show me your pulsating cock.

You're feeling aroused, stroke your cock slowly, Imagine I'm on my knees in front of you, mouth open and my tits ready to receive your cum.

You're getting close, pick up the pace a bit, but DO NOT CUM!

I love it when guys get a little messy and some cum ends up on my face.

STOP, take your hands of your cock, I don"t want you to cum just yet, I know your close but be patient, you'll thank me later.

I want you to very lightly touch the bulb of your cock while I watch, I don't want you to stroke it yet, I have a perfect view of you cock and balls as they are only a few inches from my face.

You must be really horny, I can see some precum on the head of your cock.

Lets drain those balls, go ahead and jerk your cock, hard and fast, don't cum until I give you the green light.

I'm going to open my mouth, and when I say "cum," I want you to shoot your creamy load down my throat.

Stroke it harder, make me wet watching you. I'm ready for your cum now. Cum now, squirt into my mouth.

Good boy, I hope your enjoyed you JOI session.

Booking the Fetish JOI (Jerk off Instruction)

You can easily find a dominant women who offers JOI on Bad Kity's website by using the search function. When searching, narrow down your options by selecting femdoms who offer services such as, edging, orgasm denial, SPH, CBT, virtual sessions.

Original JOI script written by femdom Sara Lips.

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