Welcome to the first in a series of interviews on Bad Kity. Today we're chatting with the beautiful, pageant queen, fetish model Willow Lansky from Tampa!

1) What made you decide to enter the world of fetish/bdsm and how have you found your journey so far?

I feel like I was programmed and designed to be a fetishist. It's not my job it is who I am and how I live 100% of the time . My lifestyle incorporates my identity as a fetishist in almost every aspect of my life. The world of bdsm is fairly new to me but I love it and I really love the sound of getting spanked in latex.

2) You mentioned that you specialise in humiliation, what are some of your favourite fetishes or ways that you humiliate your clients?

I love the art of humiliation and it's a skill I constantly think about importing on. The more people I interact with and experiences helps sharpen my approach to better humiliate. I do enjoy being the reason your fantasies are taking place. It brings me greet joy to hear different fantasies and fetishes and create an environment where I can re enact it.

3) Do you have an interesting story, maybe something humorous that has happened during a session?

I was at BDSM fetish party helping at a nudist resort and bumped into my high school English teacher wearing just heals and bunny ears . We made eye contact but I had on a police uinform that included a wig and sunglasses so I don't think she recognized me at first but couldn't stop looking at me the whole night.

4) How do you relax after a hard day, what are your hobbies and interests outside of your job?

I meditate daily as well as doing at the minimum 10 min of yoga. I think it's extremely important to maintain peace and balance in not just my mind but my body as well. I enjoy relaxing in the sunshine doing outdoor activities such as tennis, running, and tanning. I love shopping as well and if my day is stressful enough I'd end it in line at one of my favorite stores .

5) Everyone has their own interpretation of a perfect day! How would you spend yours?

My perfect day would start off getting out of bed rested with a good night of sleep . A perfect day for me would be stress free and have an open schedule to do activities. I am a Florida girl so a perfect day is warm and sunny and maybe includes some sand or ocean

6) As an active content provider with your own channel on onlyfans (willowlansky), what type of content do you produce?

My onlyfans is the only platform containing all my topless food reviews and daily NSFW content. I do NOT have a paypal for any of my content so 15$ a month gets you a collection of exclusive media as well as me on live stream every Sunday. I post behind the scenes photos and videos from my shoots as well as content that didn't make the cut for twitter or Instagram.

I'm on onlyfans at the minimum 3 times a day so if there is any content you want to see or would like me to make I'm all open to hearing ideas.

My favourite fragrance is: Hypnotic poison by Dior

My favourite type of gift is: One that lasts forever

My favourite food is: I only eat fresh food. I do not eat fried or processed foods. I prefer as fresh as possible. I shop farm to table or organic. I love fresh tuna and salmon. Im always snacking on nuts and have a least 10 different types on me at all times. I prefer to eat foods in this order 1.) Proteins 2.) greens 3.) fruits

If you would like to know more about Willow, head over to her profile on Bad Kity, Fetish Model Willow Lansky