Today were chatting with professional dominatrix, Miss Mae Ling from Los Angeles.

1) What led you to delve into the realm of fetish/BDSM, and how have you found your journey so far?

Losing my virginity by being raped at the age of 15 led me down a dark hole. Through years of therapy and self work, I’ve learned to accept my twisted mind and let it out to play. My work has allowed me to heal and help others to heal their own traumas. An incredible journey for which I am sincerely grateful for. I absolutely love the community and finally not only found a place where I felt like I belong, but a place where I’m celebrated.

2) Over the course of your career as a professional dominant, what are the most common requested fetishes? and what fetishes or kinks do you specialise in?

My two most commonly requested fetishes are foot fetish and pegging. I feel like foot fetish has become the mainstream fetish and whilst I was adverse to it at the beginning as I didn’t have a great relationship with my feet from injuries and dancing - my foot lovers have been able to show me the other side. The side in which they see. My relationship with my feet has gotten better and I love the things I’m able to do because of them.

Pegging is common even from people who have never been pegged before! As a male, sex is mostly penetrative (unless they have explored the other depths of touch and sex), so to be penetrated themselves is almost as if they were to put themselves in a more feminine role of receiving. Whilst I enjoy having a dick and fucking every hole with it - my favourite thing to do is kicking people in the balls. Pair that with my money kink, having them handing over money after every kick and that is a great day. Diaper fetish and age play mixed with toilet fetish is another one I thoroughly enjoy. Ball busting, financial domination, diaper and toilet play are my main callings.

3) Do you have an interesting story, maybe something humorous that has happened during a session?

Every session is hilarious in itself as I truly do things that make me laugh. When I play, it’s play time, not super serious but the gentle side of which also nurturesLos Angeles Dominatrix Miss Mae Ling you with life long lessons.

I had a forced bi session where this guy was incredibly adamant about me not letting him off the hook until he sucked a real man’s cock for me. He had always pulled back before with every other Domme - and so for our first session together - I stood my ground and brought in a real dick for him to suck it. He said everything and prayed to every God so that he could escape but I pushed his head onto that cock. I think a tear came out. I took control of his head and made him do it, until I let him breathe and in that moment he took his clothes and ran out the door. No goodbye, nothing.

Having felt awful about it for a full day, I received an email from him the next day telling me how it was a dream come true for him and that he was forever grateful to me for pushing him his limits.

4) Which countries and cities do you frequently travel to, and do you spend most of the year traveling?

I love traveling! Even before going professional, I traveled 75% of the year. Now based in Los Angeles, I’ve scaled it back to 50% of the year. The places I frequent are Seattle, Las Vegas, DC, Boston and San Francisco and New York. There’s so much the world has to offer, I’m excited and thrilled to experience it.

5) What advice would you give to a beginner who is looking to experience their first session with you?

The experience you’ve been waiting your whole life to have, you can already feel my power. There’s a lot of tension and build up, don’t let that anxiety take you over and hold you back. You’ve done your research, now it’s up to you to not talk yourself out of it. Life is far too short to live in constant wonder of what it’d be like - so just do it. Take the leap, push yourself out of your comfort zone, grow and learn about yourself.

6) How do you relax after a hard day? What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

I am always hungry after I play. Love some healthy delicious food or something comforting like steaming hot soup dumplings. I’m always eating since I spend a lot of my energy doing circus training and ballet. Spending a lot of time on my hands as a hand balancer, I see the world in an upside down perspective. Giving me clarity and the opportunity to see the dichotomy of things drawing parallels with a Domme/sub dynamic. Elegance and grace are always being exuded.

7) What is the best part and worst part of your career?

I love the genuine connections I get to make with my submissives. The authenticity of their devotion truly shows me that they trust and believe in me. A bond so strong, it’s more than just work. The relationship builds over time and I’m proud to call them mine. On the other hand, the layers of difficulties that come with marketing for such a job is disheartening. From bans to account suspensions, it can be a daunting uphill battle.

8) Everyone has their own interpretation of a perfect day! How would you spend yours?

Ooo, a perfect day would start off waking up in a tropical place. A gentle breeze beckoning my call to jump into some warm waters for a nude swim with brightly coloured fish. Coming out to a coconut water and fruit platter, granola and vegan yogurt. Basking in the sun enjoying the view of the waters. Followed by yoga with my dearest friends and an ATV ride through the forest or sand dunes. After an exciting day, we’ll end it with a play party with slaves to serve us and be humiliated for our pleasure and entertainment. Some fire spinning/ fire play and dairy free cake to end the night.

My favourite fragrance is: None! I’m allergic to scents. I actually prefer smelling the person themselves and their pheromones. Fragrances just mask it up. If I had to pick something completely natural it’d be lavender though. So calming and beautiful. Reminds me of the time I was frolicking in the South of France in a lavender field.

My favourite type of gift is: Money! Seriously, though - sometimes I want something that is a specific size or when it arrives it doesn’t fit quite right. All body types are unique so I’d rather get money so that I can purchase what I want with it or have the ability to return it for another size. Other great options are food and spa days/treatments.

My favourite food is: Depends on the time of day. Mornings are perfect with a flakey croissant. Followed by a healthy bowl of grains and salmon for lunch. Ending it with a sushi dinner.

My favourite country is: Japan! It is such a wonderful place to visit. Such respect for and from the people and property, cleanliness and the quality of food is incredible! I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad meal in Japan. Bathing naked and relaxing in an onsen, melting my muscles away whilst my sub rigidly still as my table to hold my sushi and coconut water is the ideal time.

If you want to learn more about Miss Mae Ling, make sure to visit her profile on Bad Kity.

Website: missmaeling.com
Twitter: @missmaeling