Online advertising is the most effective way to advertise your business. Some of the benefits include, global reach, low cost, ease of use, and the ability to target the right customers who may be interested in your services. So, how do I make my online profile stand out?

For the context of this article, we will be referring to sex workers who advertise online. A sex worker is defined as an adult who receives money for consensual sexual services or erotic performances.  A sex worker may add profiles to various third party websites, this is referred to as "Display Advertising". BadKity is an third party online advertising directory for session wresters, dominatrixes and kinksters.

If you want to increase your online visibility, get more bookings and make more money. Check out our step by step guide below, how to create the perfect online profile.

1) Stage Name (Alter Ego)

If you want to advertise online, you will need to create a "Stage Name" which is an altered persona of how you wish to be perceived. The benefits of creating a stage include;

  • It provides anonymity, by separating your private life from you working life
  • A persona that better matches the type of service you offer
  • You can make it memorable and give it meaning

Before you dive into to creating a stage name on a whim, Stop. This is one of the most important decisions you will make, a stage name is form of branding. Famous actors who changed their real name , Vin Diesel (Mark Sinclair), Meg Ryan (Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra), Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta).

Changing you stage name mid way through your career is a bad idea. Crafting a professional online presence takes time. When choosing a stage name ensure it is, easy to remember, easy to spell, suits your persona and most of all, you love it.

2) About You (Bio)

One of my least favourite sections to format on any profile, crafting a kick ass about section takes time. Your about section on a third party website is your opportunity to sell your services. Know your audience, in most cases men, visual creatures with a short attention span. Your "about me" (bio) should be 250 - 500 words in length and should include the following information

  • Experience, how long you have been involved in the industry?
  • Specialities, services that you offer and have an area of expertise in?
  • Favourites, fetishes/kinks that you really enjoy in sessions
  • Limitations, be up front about things that you do not offer, (nudity, HJ) etc
  • Booking procedure, how does a client book a session with you?

About You, (extended bio) Sara Lips
Booking & Cancellation Policy: Alexis Luna

3) High Quality Photos

A picture is worth a thousands words, first impressions count. A study published by the National Library of Medicine, (PUBMED) on the response to visual sexual stimuli in males and females. Found that, of the 40 million adults who visit adult related websites, 78% where men and 28% where women.

In another study, "the swipe right report" by Skylum. Nearly 40% of users said that, the better the photos the more likely they would swipe right. Although this study relates to users who are looking for partner on online dating websites, it does however highlight the importance of good photos when advertising online.

When adding images to your online profile, upload as many images as the website will allow.

Take great pictures using a smartphone

  1. Use a camera phone with resolution of 12mp or above for good photos.
  2. Place the phone on a tripod or self stick to avoid distortion.
  3. Lighting is critically, ensure their is enough light.
  4. Use the timer delay feature to avoid camera shake when pressing the shutter button
  5. Learn to edit your photos using software, Fotor Photo Editor and Canva are great examples.

4) Fetishes and Kinks

Depending on your profession, session wrestler, dominatrix or escort will determine what services you select on your profile. Most third party online advertising platforms will include a section where you can select your services/fetishes. BadKity has over 50 fetishes and kinks that can be included on your profile.

If your new to online advertising, especially in such a competitive market, as the adult industry. Adding more services to your profile may seem like a good thing, right, NO. Offering a fetish that you have no experience in, can hurt your brand in the long term.

"Less is more" smaller quantity of higher quality! Consider the following, when adding services to you online profile.

  • Only add services you are comfortable with
  • Focus on services that you are exceptionally good at
  • Don't follow others, be your own person

By focusing on services that you are experienced and confident in will result in an amazing experience for your clients. Positive feedback will bring more clients and a continued stream of work.

5) Social Media Presence

Another important factor on, how do I make my online profile stand out, is social media. The stronger your presence on social media channels the more trust you build. One of the most popular social media platforms for sex workers is "twitter". Unlike other platforms, twitter allows adult content. Twitter has approximately 450 million monthly active users as of 2022. 

There are many other benefits to having a strong social media presence, which include;

  • Shows potential customers that your active within your industry
  • Builds trust with your audience
  • Target potential customers who are interested in your services
  • Collaborate with others in your niche
  • Increase brand awareness and impact SEO by link sharing across social media platforms

Unfortunately due to the unsavoury behaviour of others who, create fake profiles and scam users out of money. Transparency, trust and building a strong brand are essential to making your profile stand out.

6) SEO & Keywords

SEO is the abbreviation for search engine optimisation, why is this important for online advertising? When a user types in a search phrase, "strapon dominatrix london" the most relevant online profiles, websites will appear in the top 10 search results. By optimising your profile's about me, SEO title and meta description with relevant keywords, increases your online presence.

Did you know that on Bad Kity, we automatically customise each profiles SEO title and meta description, based on your location and services you offer, example;

SEO Title: Sara Lips, London, United Kingdom | Session Wrestler

Meta Description: Book wrestling dominatrix Sara Lips from London, available for, mixed wrestling, face sitting, ass worship, strapon, scissoring and more

How Do I Make My Online Profile Stand Out?

1) Create profiles on third party advertising platforms that compliment your niche. If your a dominatrix, search the term "dominatrix [ include your location]" Then advertise on the directory's that rank on the first page of Google for that term or similar search phrases.

2) Use a stage name that is short, easy to remember and spell. If available, try to generate an email that includes your stage name. Your email address identifies you to your clients and helps build your brand.

3) Add keywords to your about me (bio), as this will help search engines index your profile. If you want your profile to appear in organic search results, you will need to set a custom SEO title and meta description. Some third party advertising platforms like Bad Kity will do this for you.

Bad Kity is a third party online advertising platform for dommes, wrestlers, bodybuilders and kinksters, we do not accept profiles offering sexual services. Join Bad Kity, register as a session provider.