Foot fetish, also referred to as podophilia, is a type of sexual attraction towards feet. Research suggests that there is a connection between foot nerve endings and the genitals which could be reason why some individuals become sexually aroused by feet. There are various forms in which foot fetishism can be manifested such as visual stimulation, physical contact, smelling, licking, or massaging the feet. In this article we answer the question, what is a foot fetish? and delve into one of the most popular kinks associated with BDSM.

Our Fascination with Feet

One study conducted by ResearchGate examined individuals fetish preferences for body parts. The researchers used online discussion groups as a data source consisting of 380 groups with a minimum of 5,000 individuals. According to the survey results, feet and toes ranked as the most favoured body parts for sexual attraction among individuals, with 47% expressing a preference for them. Additional body preferences included, body fluids, body size, hair, and muscles, in descending order.

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Foot Fetish in the BDSM Realm

Because of the negative associations attached to foot fetishes and partners feeling ashamed to express their admiration for feet, a considerable number of men are seeking the services of a dominatrix who is experienced in foot fetish. Foot play activities may involve:

  • Licking, sucking, smelling the toes and feet.
  • Foot massages and toe nail painting
  • Receiving pictures of the dominants feet.
  • Using the feet to walk up and down the submissive's body (trampling)
  • Touching, stroking or kicking the genitals using the feet, (foot job, ball busting)
  • Inserting the toes and the foot to penetrate the anus (anal play)

Despite the submissive being in a position of servitude, the submissive finds gratification and fulfilment serving their dominant.

The Fascination with Stinky Feet

Did you know that smelly feet is one of the most widespread forms of olfactophilia. There are individuals who are sexually aroused by the smell of women's feet, socks or footwear. In a study conducted in 1994 found that 45% of individuals with a foot fetish experience sexual arousal from the aroma of feet or associated clothing. During a foot worship session, the dominant may instruct the submissive to inhale the scent of their feet, which may involve smelling their socks, stockings or stinky shoes.

It is hypothesised that the region in the brain responsible for processing sensory input from the feet may form unintended neural pathways. This may lead to a connection between foot fetishes and the scent of feet triggering sexual arousal. It is important to note that this is only a theory and not yet confirmed by scientific research.

Foot Fetish and Related Fetishes & Kinks

Hoisery: Foot fetishists may request types of hosiery such as socks, tights, and stockings to enhance their experience during a foot worship session with their mistress.

Trampling: The act of trampling entails the dominant person using their bare feet, stockings, socks, or footwear such as high heels or boots to walk, stand, or stomp on the submissive's body. Trampling is closely related to the kink foot fetish and sexual masochism.

Ball Busting: Individuals who have a fetish for ball busting and enjoy pain may also include their fetish for feet. In such cases, the dominant partner may use their feet to inflict pain on the genitals by means of kicking and stomping. The experience may be enhanced by using specific types of requested footwear or by simply using bare feet.

Breath Play: The fetish breath play involves restricting oxygen intake to produce feelings of euphoria. In the context of a foot play, the submissive may request that the dominant use their feet to restrict their breathing. This technique involves using the feet to block the air flow through the nose and mouth. Items of clothing such as socks or tights maybe placed into the mouth of the submissive or positioned over their nose, forcing them to inhale the scent of their dominant's feet, all while restricting the submissive's airflow.

Exploring Your Foot Fetish

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