Facesitting domination, a popular fetish on Bad Kity, which involves the dominant (session provider) sitting on the submissive's (punters) face. Facesitting also referred to as queening or face smothering is a form of BDSM. If you check the service section of a session providers profile, you can see if they offer facesitting as one of their services. Session providers who advertise on Bad Kity can be found on our Kitys page.

BDSM Facesitting

Contrary to what you may have watched on porn sites, women who perform BDSM facesitting are mostly clothed. Many facesitting women are requested to wear items of clothing such as; jeans, leggings, leather pants, pvc, specific underwear and costumes during a facesit session.

As well as being extremely erotic for the sub, facesitting can be equally arousing for the dominant. Facesitting domination makes the women feel desired and worshipped, and having a sub literally quiver underneath her gives the word queening its definition.

Facesitting sessions can be intermixed with other fetishes, breathplay, CBT, humiliation, body worship, ass worship, edging and orgasm denial, to name a few.

Facesitting Positions

There are various positions that may be incorporated into facesitting domination.

Standard Facesit: The one that most people can relate to is where the submissive lies on his back on the bed. The dominant kneels across their torso positioning her ass over the subs face, (reverse cowgirl) This allows the dominant to simply sit back and down pressing her ass firmly onto the subs face.

Wall-sit: The submissive sits on the floor with their back upright against the wall, forming an L shape. The dominant stands in front of the sub with their booty inline with the subs face. The dominant bends forward as if they where touching their toes, at the same time pushing their ass firmly against the subs face.

Heavy Facesitting: This position is for individuals who enjoy the full weight of a women on their face. Generally performed on the floor where there is no cushioning. The sub lies flat on their back, the dominant sits on subs face, only this time the dominates legs are lifted up off the floor and rested onto the subs body, performing a full weight facesit.

Image Credit: fightpulse.com

Image Credit: fightpulse.com

Image Credit: fightpulse.com

Image Credit: fightpulse.com

Brutal Facesitting

Facesitting has many forms within the context of BDSM. The type of facesitting session you receive will depends entirely on your requests. For example, brutal facesitting is for individuals who wish to be punished and humiliated. Sessions may also involve breath play and smothering to heighten arousal and fear. Spitting, slapping, hair pulling and forceful grinding are common elements of brutal facesitting domination.

Smotherbox Facesitting

A smotherbox is piece of equipment that is used to further enhance the facesitting experience. Dungeons used by a dominatrix will usually contain a smotherbox, also referred to as a facesitting box. Its a fairly rudimentary piece of equipment, imagine a box with a circular hole in the top and missing one of the sides.

The submissive lies on the floor and slides his head into the smotherbox. There is either a cushion or straps that elevate the head upwards through the hole in the box. The submissive once in position may be restrained, tied up, blind folded which increases the sensitivity of the other senses.

Facesitting Domination

Facesitting is considered an erotic fetish and can cause sexual arousal.

If you are interested in booking a face sitting domination session with one of our session providers on Bad Kity. Remember to check that they offer the service your wish to book before contacting them. A lot of session providers tour to different countries, you can check their latest travel dates on our Tour Page.

You can find individual descriptions on all the fetishes listed on Bad Kity on our Kinklist. Currently there are 51 BDSM services offered by session wrestlers and dominatrixes on BK.

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 Image Credit: facesittingbitches.com

Image Credit: facesittingbitches.com

Book a Facesitting Domination Session

So, are you ready to book a facesitting session with one of our session providers on Bad Kity. Below is a list of established session wrestlers and dominatrixes who offer facesitting domination.

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