Facesitting, a popular fetish within the BDSM community, which combines elements of dominance, submission, and eroticism. This unique practice involves one partner, typically the dominant, sitting on the face of the submissive. In this article, we explore different face sitting positions as a part of BDSM play.

1. Reverse Face Sitting

One of the most popular face sitting positions is the reverse face sit. In this position, the submissive lies on their back, normally on a bed, while the dominant positions their buttocks over the submissive's face. This particular position grants the dominant control over the amount of pressure applied to the face, specifically the nose and mouth. By using their legs, the dominant can manipulate the level of pressure, increasing or decreasing as desired. Depending on the submissive's preferences, the dominant can incorporate the fetishes, face smothering and breath play into the session, while in this position.

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2. Squatting Face Sitting

In this particular role play, the submissive is instructed to lie on the floor facing upwards. The dominant, often referred to as the mistress, assumes a standing position over the submissive's head, facing either direction. The mistress squats down deeply, positioning her buttocks directly over the submissive's face. To facilitate a deep squat, the dominant may wear a type of footwear with heels. This style of standing face sit conveys a sense of dominance and can be compared to the fetish for giantesses, in which individuals are attracted to female giants.

3. Full Weight Face Sitting

This face sit position is suitable for those who enjoy experiencing the pressure of a woman sitting on their face. The activity is typically carried out on a hard surface without any cushioning. The submissive lies flat on their back, while the dominant kneels over them and sits themselves over the submissive's face. The dominant then lifts their legs and places their feet on the submissive's torso.

The act of full weight face sitting is closely associated with the fetishes breath play and face smothering. When the dominant assumes this position, the submissive's mouth and nose will be completely covered by the dominant's buttocks. This can make breathing and speaking difficult, therefore, it is advisable to establish a signal, such as a raised hand or a tap on the thigh, to indicate a pause or a break.

4. Standing Face Sitting

In this role play, the submissive lies on the bed with their head towards the edge, facing upwards. Meanwhile, the dominant stands directly over the submissive with their back facing them. With a simple bending of their knees, the dominant can use the submissive's head and face as a seat.

During BDSM sessions involving face sitting, it's common for the submissive's hands to be bound. This creates a feeling of helplessness and humiliation as the dominant uses their buttocks to abuse the submissive, resulting in intense sexual arousal.

5. Smother Box Face Sitting

A smother box, also known as a face sitting box, is a BDSM tool designed to enhance the face sitting experience. It's often found in dungeons used by dominatrixes. The smother box is a simple piece of equipment, consisting of a box with a circular hole in the top and an open front for access.

The submissive places their head into the front opening of the smother box, which may have cushions or straps to assist in raising the head through the hole. It is common to restrain the submissive to restrict their movement. Additionally, blindfolding them can heighten the other senses. The use of a smother box during face sitting is an effective way to intensify the experience. The dominant has full control over the submissive and can use different positions to enhance the experience.

Face Sitting in BDSM Relationships

Contrary to common misconception, not all face sitting activities involve nudity. Professional dominatrixes who partake in BDSM face sitting usually keep their clothes on during the session. In fact, submissive's often request specific items of clothing, for their face sitting sessions.

Face sitting isn't just pleasurable for the submissive; it can also be arousing for the dominant. The act of dominating someone in this way can make the dominant feel desired and powerful.

During face sit sessions, other fetishes may be incorporate including, breath play, CBT, humiliation, body worship, ass worship, edging, and orgasm denial, to name just a few kinks.

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