The act of edging is to bring yourself, or your partner, to the brink of an orgasm multiple times during a session, before finally climaxing. Edging also referred to as "Gooning" is all about orgasm control, by reducing or increasing the intensity of stimulation the sexual pleasure can be extended for long durations. Edging sessions can be performed by either sex, alone or with a partner. The technique when done correctly can lead to intense, explosive, mind altering orgasms.

Edging and BDSM

Within the BDSM community the fetish edging is requested mostly by men. Edging sessions can be booked with a dominatrix or mistress who specialises in edging or orgasm denial. Edging can be performed using varying techniques and equipment to extend the sexual pleasure.

During a cock teasing session depending on session requests, the submissive may be blindfolded, stripped, gagged and bound to limit movement and heighten senses. A professional dominatrix skilled in edging can keep her sub in a constant state of heighten arousal for hours if they wish. Edging is so much more than just stimulating the genitals, the senses, sight, sound and touch play an important role. The use of electro stimulation and milking machines may also be used by your dominant during an edging session.

Other fetishes that may be used/requested alongside edge play include, strap-on, anal play, sensory deprivation, needle play, CBT (cock and ball torture) ,nipple play, tickling, wax play, JOI (jerk off instruction) to name a few.

Edging Sex Toys

I mentioned earlier that there are various techniques that can be used during an edging session. One very popular method used by mistresses is the use of a masterbation machine. Yes there is an actual machine that has been developed to wank cocks. The technology was developed in 1985 to milk cows. Four rubber lined cups are attached to the cows teats, the motor creates a sucking action which extracts the milk. This revolutionised the milking industry as the process could now be automated and run 24 hours a day.

Venue 2000 Milking Machine Used in Edging SessionsOne of the most popular machines on the market is the Venus 2000 milking machine. The machine produces a stroking sensation using air flow with the intensity controlled by a remote. Venus can be set to a soft and sensual 8 strokes per minute, or you can crank it up to a cock quivering 300 strokes per minute. The main benefit of using this type of machine during an edging session is, it never gets tired, unlike the muscles of the hand and arm. Edging sessions can be extended for longer by simply adjusting the intensity of the stroking action.

To further enhance the experience a mistress may use other sex toys, anal dildos, vibrators, nipple clamps, ropes, gags, needles, electro stim and more.

Edging Techniques

Start - Stop Technique - Start to masterbate and when you feel you are about to cum, stop, remove your hands and let the sensation subside. Once the feeling has dissipated and your erection is a little flaccid, start masterbating again. Try to repeat several times before climaxing.

Squeeze - Pinch Technique - Same as above, once you are close to orgasm, instead of stopping, squeeze or pinch the head of the penis for roughly 30 seconds, then repeat. Both methods improve self control and premature ejaculation.

Men regularly practice the fetish edging while masterbating to porn. By using one of the methods above can delay gratification, heighten sexual arousal and increase sperm load.

Booking an Edging Session

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