Do you have an ass fetish? if the answer is yes You may be interested in booking an ass worship session with one of our session providers on Bad Kity. You're not a weirdo, the majority of men have an ass fetish, it's perfectly normal and one of the more vanilla fetishes listed on our Kinklist. The official terminology "pygophilia" is a person who is sexually aroused by seeing or touching another person's buttocks.

There are several theories as to why men are infatuated by a woman's ass. From an evolutionary perspective, a shapely butt is also associated with wide hips which can indicate a good mate. Another theory is men watch way too much porn featuring women who have aesthetically enhanced their buttocks to look a certain way. This then leads to men developing an ass fetish.

What is Ass Worship?

Ass worship involves worshipping the buttocks of your partner, male or female. Ass worship is closely related to the fetish body worship, but instead with a singular body part, the ass. For some men, the sight of a beautiful, shapely bum is enough to cause extreme sexual arousal.

The practise of ass worship involves the worshiper burying his face deep between the ass cheeks off his partner. Licking, kissing, sniffing and sucking are common practices during ass worship. The fetish ass worship can be practiced by either gender, but more often it's the male who has the ass fetish. Unfortunately not all women are into ass worship and may even be repulsed by the thought of having their ass worshipped.

Do You Have An Ass Fetish?Do You Have An Ass Fetish

Having an ass fetish does not make you a weirdo. Ask yourself the following questions below:

1) What is your favourite part of a females body, (bum)?
2) When having sexual intercourse with your partner, do you pay particular attention to their ass?
3) When out socialising, does the sight of a curvy ass poured into a pair of tight jeans or leggings cause arousal or sexual thoughts?
4) What porn category do you watch most often, anal, curvy butts, facesitting, rimjobs, ass smothering, big asses.
5) Have you ever been disappointed by the size or shape of a partners buttocks?

If you have answered YES to the majority of the questions above, then there is a good chance you have an ass fetish. Good news, there are dozens of session providers on Bad Kity who offer ass worship as a service. Head over to Kitys > Services > Ass Worship, you can also narrow your search by country and city.

Ass Worship Sessions

Did you know that the fetish ass worship is one of the most requested fetishes within the BDSM community. Sessions may be entirely centred around worshipping the ass off the dominant. Below are a few examples of ass worship positions that may be adopted during a session.

1) Full pressure gauge, this position combines two fetishes, ass worship and ass smothering. To fully benefit from this position it is recommend that you, the submissive lie on your back on a firm surface, the floor. Your session provider, (dominatrix, female wrestler) will sit on your face and then elevate her legs onto your torso. You will feel the full weight of the dominants ass as it engulfs your face.

2) The prayer, using a chair as a prop, the dominant sits in reverse so their ass hangs off the edge of the chair. The submissive then gets down onto his knees into a prayer position and worships the dominants ass. This is a great position for accentuating the buttocks of the dominant.

3) The human centipede, I coined the term from the horror film. Using a smother harness or similar device the submissive head/face is strapped to the dominants buttocks. Depending on session requests, the hands may also be bound, relinquishing complete control over to the dominant.

Ass Fetish FAQ's

For those individuals that have an ass fetish and want to book an ass worship session. I have included a FAQ section to cover common questions that are asked when booking.

1) Can a certain type of clothing be worn, latex, jeans, leggings, pantyhose, g-string?

Yes it is common for men to request their favourite piece of clothing when booking an ass worship session. Some men love the look and feel of nylon as its stretched over the contours of the buttocks. Or a simple high cut thong may be your thing, it really depends on the individual.

2) Can I incorporate other fetishes into an ass worship session?

Always check the list of services offered by your session provider. When communicating, be sure to mention that you would like to split your session and incorporate another fetish. It's entirely up to the session provider if they wish to grant your request.

3) I would like to book a sensual, nude ass worship session?

This depends on the limitations of the session provider. My advice is to be polite and ask, it's better to be up front in your initial communication, rather than wasting each others time.

Bad Kity is an advertising platform for both session wrestlers and dominatrixes who offer BDSM sessions. Each session provider is independent, their profiles detail the following info, contact details, bio, services, booking and cancellation policies. Contact is made directly with the session provider. Please note that most session providers require a deposit before booking.

TIP: One of the biggest pet peeve's within the industry is time wasters. Try to ask all your questions and pay your deposit within 3 emails.

Ass Worship Providers

If after reading this article you wish to book an ass worship session, check all our session providers on our Kitys page. You can also search for session providers coming to your country, city on our Tours page.

Remember to follow us on twitter @badkitys. Image credit to bratprincess.us a great resource for ass worship videos.

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