Chastity sessions are a captivating aspect of BDSM that delve into the realm of erotic control and sensual denial. These type of sessions involve the use of a chastity device (cock cage) to restrict access to the subs penis. This allows the dominant (mistress) to assume the role of keyholder. In this article, we explore the dynamics of chastity sessions, the benefits they offer within a BDSM relationship, and how to book a chastity session, you won't forget!

Embracing the Chastity Lifestyle

Chastity sessions go beyond a one-time experience; they can become a lifestyle choice for those who desire a deeper level of submission and control. By embracing the chastity lifestyle, individuals enter into a power dynamic where the dominant, normally a mistress, holds the key and the submissive becomes a caged slave. There sexual pleasure, desires and gratification are controlled by their dominant.

Chastity Keyholding: The Power of Erotic Control

At the heart of chastity sessions is the concept of keyholding. The dominant partner assumes the responsibility of holding the key to the chastity device, granting or denying sexual pleasure. By restricting all sexual gratification, builds anticipation, heightens desire, and strengthens the power exchange between the dominant and the submissive.

It is not uncommon for the caged slave to wear a chastity device for days, weeks and even months. Once the sub fully commits to the chastity lifestyle, their mistress or partner owns them, their sexual pleasure is in the hands of the dominant.

The Benefits of Chastity Sessions in a BDSM Relationship

Chastity sessions offer a range of benefits that can enhance the dynamics and intimacy within a BDSM relationship. By surrendering control of their sexual pleasure, the submissive demonstrates to their mistress, their loyalty, devotion and trust. This level of trust builds a strong bond between the dominant and their sub which can be considered a form of relationship, in the context of BDSM.

The denial of sexual ejaculation during chastity sessions intensifies arousal. The longer a submissive remains in chastity, the more their desire for sexual release, referred to as "blue balls". This heightened state of arousal can lead to explosive orgasms and an overall heightened sexual experience when their mistress finally grants permission to release.

Types of Chastity Devices

  1. Chastity cages are one of the most popular types of devices used during chastity domination. They typically consist of a cage-like structure that confines the penis, preventing erections and sexual activity. Chastity cages or cock cages are made of metal or plastic and are generally secured using a lock.
  2. Chastity belts are attached to the waist and encase both the penis and balls, providing a higher level of restraint and control. They are usually made of leather, metal, or both, and come with adjustable straps and a lock.
  3. Chastity piercings are a more extreme form of chastity control. These involve genital piercings, such as a Prince Albert piercing, which are then connected to the chastity device. Chastity piercings offer a unique way to enforce chastity and control over sexual arousal.
  4. Chastity tubes are similar to chastity cages but provide additional coverage. These devices encase the entire penis, including the shaft and balls, discouraging any form of self-gratification.

Chastity Domination and Cuckolding

Chastity control, (domination) is often combined with the fetish cuckolding. The hotwife or mistress locks their partner (slave) into a chastity device to deny sexual gratification. This power exchange can heighten feelings of submission, vulnerability, and erotic tension during the cuckolding session.

The sub is forced to watch as their hotwife receives sexual pleasure from the bull. Depending on the sub requests, they may be forced to give pleasure to the bull during or after the event, where they are forced to clean up the bulls semen.

By locking the slave in a cock cage and denying any sexual pleasure during a cuckolding session, can lead to increased humiliation, degradation and intense sexual frustration.

Booking a Chastity Session

A quick search on Bad Kity for the fetish chastity control will reveal mistresses who are experienced in chastity domination and chastity training. Book in-person or virtual chastity sessions from any location. When first contacting a mistress, be open and honest about your expectations, previous experience, limits, and any kinks you wish to explore.

Some mistresses offer remote chastity training, (virtual) where you will be instructed to send pictures of your cock locked in its cage. Online chastity training gives subs the opportunity to explore their chastity fetish from anywhere in the world.

Want to find a femdom mistress who offers chastity training, head over to Bad Kity, select "Advanced Search", then select, Service > Chastity Control > Country > City and click search.

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