During the past decade, the fetish ballbusting or CBT, (cock and ball torture) has been growing in popularity. This is a form of male genital torture commonly practiced within the bdsm community by either a dominatrix or session wrestler. The fetish consists of inflicting varying levels of pain to the male genitalia. Most session providers on Bad Kity offer either ballbusting, CBT or both

Is there a difference between ballbusting and CBT? Both terms are very similar, CBT, cock and ball torture in my opinion is an extreme version of ballbusting where various tools and implements can be used to further torture the cock, balls and scrotum.

Ballbusting and CBT Torture

Cock and Ball torture, (CBT) is popular bdsm fetish among submissive men. The dominant during a ball busting session will torture the male genitals using various methods. The dominant may slap, punch, stretch, squeeze, kick, knee or twist the balls of their sub. The ball buster, (dominant) may use their hands, feet, knees, nails, and teeth too inflict pain during a CBT session. Depending on the requests of the sub and their previous experience with CBT, sex toys and medical equipment may also be used. Floggers, ropes, needles, clamps, electrics, hot wax, urethral sounds and pinwheels.

Why Do Men Enjoy Ball Busting

Why do men pay women to kick and torture their manhood? I used ask myself the same question when I first started in the industry as a session wrestler. I remember my first ballbusting session, the harder I kicked the more aroused he became. This I found  bizarre and unfamiliar, his erection grew and pulsated with every blow to his groin.

Men who are into cock and ball torture can become sexually aroused by the activity. Others enjoy the the power exchange of being physically vulnerable and sexually controlled by a women. Submissive men may enjoy relinquishing control of their genitals as a form of servitude to their mistress.

Extreme CBT - Cock Ball Torture

For those sadists who get off on pain, there are extreme versions of CBT. Everyone process pain differently, as I mentioned earlier during my first ball busting session, the harder I kicked the more aroused he became. I've seen men cum during CBT, this is not the case for others. Below are some extreme examples of cock ball torture.

Full Weight Trampling

This involves the sub lying on the floor naked, their hands and feet may be bound to limit movement. The dominant tramples their cock and balls wearing stilettos (thin, high heels) to inflict as much pain as possible.

CBT Needle Play

If you don't like needles this form of CBT isn't for you. Sterile needles are used to pierce either a single area or multiple areas of the genitals, scrotum, shaft and head of the penis. Due to the complexity of this extreme form of CBT, only an experienced dominatrix should offer this service.

Ball Stretching

Some men enjoy having their testicles stretched. One method is to attach a device called a parachute ball stretcher. The device wraps around the base of the testicles, using several chains that hang from the parachute, weights are connected to stretch the balls.

Urethral Play

The urethra is one of the most sensitive parts of a mans penis, (pee hole). Urethral play or urethral sounding is the act of inserting objects into the pee hole of the penis. Why do men enjoy urethral play? the urethral is packed with nerve endings and gives direct access the prostate, the male G-spot. Experimenting with deep urethral play can be extremely pleasurable.

Other BDSM Fetishes and CBT

Some popular bdsm fetishes that merge beautifully with ballbusting and CBT include, bondage, edging, orgasm denial, trampling, flogging, electro stim and needle play to name a few. By incorporating other fetishes that compliment each other is a great way to experience alternative forms of bdsm, as well as your favourite activity.

If you're a complete beginner and wish to try ballbusting, be sure to mention this in your initial inquiry. Rather than centring the entire session around having your cock and balls tortured, try to incorporate another fetish activity. This gives you the chance to enjoy a fetish that you're conformable with and within the same session, sample ballbusting.

Does Ballbusting Cause Permanent Damage?

You may be surprised to know that the testicles are tough little buggers. With any bdsm activity, depending on the severity, comes risks. While I am not a medical professional and only speaking from my own personal experience. The male genitalia can take a beating, sure you may drop to your knees writhing agony and even puke, but your balls will be fine. For men with a pre existing medial condition, high blood pressure or heart conditions, then yes there is a risk.

Booking Ballbusting and CBT

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