The adult entertainment industry is classified as high risk due to the nature of its services, which include online dating websites, escorts, fetish directories, clip stores and adult e-commerce stores. These types businesses face challenges in finding suitable payment processing solutions, primarily because of the stigma attached to adult content and the higher probability of chargebacks.

What is an Adult Merchant Account?

An adult merchant account is specifically tailored to meet the needs of businesses in the adult industry. These accounts are categorised as high-risk due to the nature of the industry, and therefore they come with different terms and conditions compared to regular merchant accounts.

Payment processors that are willing to work with adult websites will offer these specialised accounts, which allow businesses to accept various forms of payment from their customers. Due to the higher risk involved, adult merchant accounts typically have higher fees associated with them.

Why Traditional Payment Processors Won't Accept High-Risk Websites

Traditional payment processors like PayPal or Stripe do not allow adult content and will suspend or terminate accounts that violate their terms of service. This leaves adult businesses with limited options when it comes to processing payments for their adult website.

One of the main reasons why traditional payment processors don't support adult websites, is due to chargebacks, which are very common in the adult industry. Chargebacks occur when a customer disputes a transaction and requests their money back. Due to the nature of the adult industry, customers may be more likely to file chargebacks.

Recommended Payment Processor for Adult Websites

If your looking for an adult payment processor Nochex Adult Payment Processor comes highly recommended. Unlike other platforms who charge between 10 - 15% per transaction, Nochex offers an alternative solution which is affordable.

  1. Nochex provides an alternative solutions to platforms like PayPal and Stripe, charging 2.9% (plus 20p) per transaction, which is 10p cheaper than PayPal, and with no monthly fee.
  2. Accept payments globally in any currency, Nochex supports multiple forms of payments, including subscriptions, payment links, invoices, Ecommerce checkout, and even telephone payments
  3. Nochex supports all the major Ecommerce platforms and is the perfect solution for escorts, agencies, clips stores, strip clubs, dominatrixes, directories, camsites and more.

Unlike other high-risk payment merchants, Nochex does not require you to be tied into a contract.

Nochex Adult Payment Processor

How Do I Apply for a Nochex Account?

To applying for a Nochex account, simply click on the button "Get an Account" on their website. Once they have received your application, one of their representatives will reach out to you in order to discuss your business requirements and progress with your application.

Some of the information you may be asked depending on your adult business. If you are a new business some of the requests won't apply to you.

  • What is your maximum transaction value, your most expensive product or service.
  • Your monthly turnover, only applicable to adult businesses who have been trading
  • How would you like to take payments (website, telephone or pay by link/invoice)?
  • Do you any processing history? provide a bank statement showing history.
  • Proof of address, either from a Photo ID or bank statement.
  • A cancelation and refunds policy for your website demonstrating how you will handle payments.

Integrating Your Adult Payment Gateway onto Your Website

There are various ways that you can integrate Nochex payment gateway onto your website depending on your requirements. Nochex have extensive documentation which covers everything from, payment buttons, recurring payments, invoicing, shopping cart integration guides and more.

How can I accept Nochex payments on my site

  • You don't need an Ecommerce shopping cart to accept payments using Nochex
  • Add a payment link to your website or send it to your customer via email
  • Receive an instant notification when a customer has made a payment using Nochex's, automatic payment confirmation
  • Set up recurring payments and send notifications to members when their subscription is due for renewal
  • Easily send invoices for adult related services to customers worldwide while avoiding excessive charges.

Adult Payment Merchant Case Study

During the development stages of Bad Kity, we researched various adult payment processors to enable transactions on our platform. We first approached CCBILL, but their response was disappointing as they informed us that they do not allow escorts, which is ironic given that we are a fetish directory, not an escort service.

We also reached out to Pixxles, and initially, they seemed interested and proceeded with our application. However, they eventually rejected our application as well.

In our quest for find a suitable adult payment processor, we decided to submit an application to Verotel. However, we were surprised to learn that they charge a 500 euro application fee, which we found quite steep. Additionally, they have a long list of prohibited keywords that cannot be used on our website.

Despite these setbacks, we were eventually able to reach out to Nochex. Within 24 hours, one of their representatives called us to discuss our requirements, and shortly after, they sent us an email outlining their requirements, which I covered above in "How Do I Apply for a Nochex Account." Once we provided the requested information, the compliance department reviewed our application, and we were accepted shortly after.

Finalising an adult payment merchant can be challenging, but I hope this guide provides you with some useful information, good luck.

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